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Rental equipments

Electric kit (motor, battery and charger) : 30$ per day

Battery : 10$ per day

Electric motor : 15$ per day

Battery charger : 5$ per day

Floating device : 2$ per day

Taxes are included in rental prices

Please reserve them in advance.


Deposit required to confirm your reservation:
100,00 $ / pers. for fishing packages

500,00 $ / group for hunting packages.

Check or Interac e-Transfer 


From July 1st, children under 18 y.o. who does not possess a fishing license are admintted free


Visitors are not allowed.

We do not accept credit card. We accept on-site debit or cash only.

Taxes are not included in these prices.

We do not offer day fishing package

We do not offer winter ice fishing package

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